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Diamond Advantage

National Coatings and Supplies No Longer Offers the Diamond Advantage Brand

Diamond Advantage™, NCS’ Private-label line of products, helps fulfill our Brand Promise of “reducing your cost of doing business”. These products are manufactured exclusively for NCS to the strictest quality and performance specifications; designed to provide true value for today’s collision centers and other refinishing operations. An ever-growing line, Diamond Advantage™ products will meet the needs of every refinisher seeking the best value. Current products, shown below, include: Masking papers and plastics, thinners, cleaners, body fillers, economy clear coats and activators, primers, industrial enamels, mixing cups, and many other commodity products.


TDS DIA E600 Black Synthetic Enamel

TDS DIA E601 Semi-Gloss Black Synthetic Enamel

TDS DIA 130 Premium Lightweight Filler

TDS DIA 158 Lightweight Filler

TDS DIA 292 Grip Filler

TDS DIA 418 Premium Glaze

TDS DIA 419 Ultra Flow Glaze

TDS DIA C100 Production Clear

TDS DIA C100 Urethene Production Clear

TDS DIA C101 Urethane Multi Panel Clear

TDS DIA C102 2K Low VOC Clear

TDS DIA E100 Safety Yellow Synthetic Enamel

TDS DIA E200 Gray Universal Primer

TDS DIA E201 Red Universal Primer

TDS DIA E400 Safety Red Synthetic Enamel

TDS DIA E602 Flat Black Synthetic Enamel

TDS DIA E700 White Sythetic Enamel

TDS DIA P200 2K Urethane Primer

TDS DIA P201 2K Low VOC DTM Primer

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